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6 Stars If I could give it 6 stars, I would! These were some amazing milkshakes. We tried the peanut butter one and also the most amazing and best one-apple pie. I would make a special trip to go back here.
Reviewed by mjm341 Five star review

Good dessert for a sunny Saturday! We wanted to try Kitty’s after really high reviews from one of my closest friends so decided to make a trip to Hietalahti on a sunny Saturday after lunch. I had also pre-spied that they had Peanut butter shake which is my soft spot and after queuing one in Korea last year for 1,5hours I wanted to see if I could get one as delicious in my home country - and less queue-time. And *drumroll* - I did! The shake was very good, queuing time was maybe 5-10 minutes and it was worth it! My companion too the raspberry shake and even though he did really like it, he said that for his personal taste it could be less sweeter and more raspberry-sour. Since Kittys is a bit far away from our regular routes, one has to make a field trip to try the shakes again but I might return with more sweet-toothy group with me :) hoping to try the cherry special. The service is lovely, happy and bubbly. If you happen to be close and craving for something sweet and/or shake-like, this is the thing for you!
Reviewed by EK05 Five star review

Excellent Nice fresh delicious milk shakes, highly recommend. Friendly staff, lots to choose from. Taste is fabulous.
Reviewed by Kilovictorsierra Five star review

My son has NEVER liked milkshakes. I talked him into tasting one and while walking back to the car he was already trying to get me take him there again tomorrow. We LOVED them. And to top it off the staff was so nice... While I got to talk with one of the owners my son got to talk about superheros with the other dude making the milkshakes. Just loved it! Lemon meringue is my new favorite dessert.
Reviewed by Arla Oinonen Five star review

I've lived in Finland for 10+ years and I've been disappointed by 95% of the milkshakes I've encountered here. When I order a milkshake, I'm expecting it to be cold, thick, and creamy! I expect it to come in a large cup. Truth be told, I've found a few good milkshakes here, but what they had in flavor and consistency, they lacked in creativity and beauty. Kitty's Milkshake Bar covers all its bases! These are big, thick, and delicious! They are beautiful and creative. The menu is double-sided. You will have to go back again because you are very likely to want to try a few! Each is a work of art and I hope the ascetic aspect remains important to the company as time goes on. The cookies and many other items are provided by a small business run by an American, and she is also fantastic (Jenky's Cafe). These shakes will run you between 5-8,50€ depending on the size and what you order, but this also seems to be pretty standard here in Finland. I can vouch for the Black Forest Gateaux (pictured in comments), Peanut Snickerdoodle, Toffee and Fudge Blast, and White Chocolate milkshakes.
Reviewed by Monique Pyylampi Five star review

A perfect 5 stars. Super smiley workers, and the milkshakes are amazing at Iso Omena too. Mint Iceberg lived for it's name! Still my favorite is the Mudcake shake. Minty Mudcake would be the heaven!
Reviewed by Jesse Pirttimaa Five star review

Merry Cherry made me happy Really good shakes, lactose free stuff also. Fantastic staff made me feel welcome. Go, and have best shakes in town.
Reviewed by liisa702 Five star review

Received great service with a smile all the way and were extremely happy with our first ever Kitty's milkshakes. 9yo enjoyed her Harri the Cookie Monster and as a cherry fan I found Black Forest Gateaux to be the shake for me
Reviewed by Linda Liljemark Five star review

A piece of America in the middle of Helsinki I've visit here many times and never been dissapointed! I love their broad variety of delicious milkshakes and the warm & positive attitude of the staff. I've always felt welcome here.
Reviewed by LoreHenriikka Five star review

Delicious design milkshakes where everyone will surely find something for their "sweet tooth" (vegans too) and the customer service is on top. When the customer arrives each and everyone gets a warm welcome and leaves with a smile. The atmosphere is welcoming, happy and bubbly.
Reviewed by Marianne Backström Five star review

Delicious milkshakes! Peanut butter cup, mudslide brownie, banana & salted caramel.. I want to try all of them! The most friendly staff.
Five star review

Great service and excellent milkshakes! 5 stars are not enough!
Reviewed by Javier Lodeiros Five star review

Best customer service in Finland!
Reviewed by Mariangela Bizzo Five star review

Thank you Kitty's once again. Either here or at Hietalahti kauppahalli, you will get amazing milkshakes. Good ingredients, amazing flavours.
Reviewed by Matti Virtanen Five star review

Best service I have ever seen in my life and milkshake was also very delicious.
Reviewed by Kadri Lilienthal Five star review

Awesome experience + they have vegan options This is a really great place in a market hall. They sell all kinds of milkshakes and even have vegan and glutenfree options. The girl behind the counter was super friendly and funny. My friends paid 6,50 per shake. I had the vegan version, that was 2€ more. We all were satisfied with our drinks and since my milk shake did not even missed the cream on top I was ok with paying more. The only thing that is missing in this place is that they offer some fries with the milk shake - but that might be a personal preference. ;)
Reviewed by Hannah U Five star review

This place is awesome and the milkshakes are the best. Delicious flavours, creamy and fluffy. Been there couple of times already and will be coming for more again and again.
Reviewed by Joseph Youssef Five star review

Oh my goodness, American milkshakes done better than even true American diners! Real perfect whipped cream and the best ice cream mixed in. Who would guess my favorite all American milkshake would be in Finland??
Reviewed by Brianna Ow Five star review

Fantastic milkshakes and service. After years of fantasizing of another A&W root beer float since having the first one in the States, I managed to score the very last one of the day. Thanks for realizing my dreams Kitty's! ;) Will come back for more! - "Crusher of root beer float dreams"
Reviewed by Kim Freeman Five star review

I have no words... strawberry cheesecake milkshake was amazing!! And the service was great too, thank you!!
Reviewed by Sara Kuparinen Five star review